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As at 1 April 2015

Prices include legal fees, LINZ disbursements & GST

Property Law

Sales (Residential Property)

Sale (no mortgage) $885.00
Sale (discharge one mortgage)

$985.00 (Equivalent to $780 plus GST and LINZ disbursements)

Sale (Unit Title) plus $100.00

Purchases (Residential Property)

Purchase No mortgage (existing building with existing title) $1,040.00

Purchase – With mortgage – in Personal name (s)

$1,190.00 (Equivalent to $880 plus GST and LINZ disbursements)

Purchase With mortgage by a Trust $1,290.00
Purchase With mortgage by a Company $1,290.00
Purchase (Unit Title) Plus $100.00
Purchase with construction issues (e.g. works to be completed by settlement)
Ask for an estimate
Purchase with new title to issue Ask for an estimate

Refinancing (Residential - One Certificate Of Title)

Mortgage Refinancing by Individuals

$795.00 (Equivalent to $535.00 plus GST and LINZ disbursements)

Mortgage Refinancing by a Trust $885.00
Mortgage Refinancing by a Company $885.00
Refinancing 2 or more properties Ask for an estimate

Mortgages (When Not Included In Purchase or Sale)

Mortgage by Individuals $545.00
Mortgage by a Trust $625.00
Mortgage by a Company $625.00
Discharge of Mortgage when not included in sale
Variation of Mortgage simple form
Variation of Mortgage with loan agreement
For 2 or more properties Ask for estimate

Transfers to Related Parties (One Property With One Mortgage)

Transfer of Property to Company $1,360.00
Transfer of Property to Trust $1,360.00
Transfer between Partners $1,360.00 (Guide only)

Subdivisions and Crossleases

Freehold Subdivision 2 lots $2,200.00 (Guide only)
Freehold Subdivision 4 lots $2,700.00 (Guide only)
Crosslease Subdivision 2 crossleases $2,200.00 (Guide only)
Unit Title Development - 3 units Ask for an estimate

Building Contracts

Ask for guideline price

Commercial/Industrial/Rural Property

Sales Ask for estimate
Purchases Ask for estimate
Leases Ask for estimate
Lease Renewals/Variations/Assignments Ask for estimate

Other Legal Services

Business Transactions

Sale of Business Ask for guideline price
Purchase of Business Ask for guideline price

Company Formation

Company Incorporation $430.00


Family Trust (includes Wills) $1,240.00
Trading Trust (including trustee company formation) $1,440.00
Gifting to Trust (one person) $235.00
Gifting to Trust (two persons) $290.00
Other trust work or advice Ask for an estimate


Simple Will (one person) $195.00
Other Wills (e.g. children from prior relationship) Ask for an estimate

Relationship Property Agreements

Husband and Wife Ask for a guideline price
De facto Partners or engaged Ask for a guideline price

Powers of Attorney

Power of Attorney (standard) $115.00
Enduring Power of Attorney $450.00


Deceased estates (Will or no Will) Ask for a guideline price


NOTE:  Prices cover all usual legal work and disbursements (title searching, document registration etc).Extra charges may apply where additional work is required. Examples of additional work include (but are not limited to): pre-contract negotiations, contract variations, breaches of contract, disputes, multiple tenancies, ground leases, complex titles, GST issues, retentions on settlement, Unit Title disclosure statements, guarantee conflicts of interest, partnership issues, title objections.


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